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This is the web site for the Dane County Coalition to Reduce Alcohol Abuse. It serves as an information resource for everyone who wants to know about and support the work of the Coalition.

The Coalition was launched in January, 2009 as one facet of Dane County Executive Kathleen Falk's intensive Alcohol Abuse Reduction initiative. This site will post information on Coalition activities, relevant media coverage, powerpoints of presentations given a major Coalition public events and links to broad relevant resources.

We warmly welcome all those interested to attend Work Group meetings and all public events.

You can also submit your name and email address to join the coalition.

Social Media

Dane County now has ECheckup to Go!!!

All residents of Dane County can use this important resource from San Diego State University.

Just go to this link: http://interwork.sdsu.edu/echeckup/usa/alc/adult/Dane to do your own totally confidential Brief Self Assessment that will provide you with:

  • accurate and detailed information about your personal risk patterns
  • your individual level of alcohol tolerance
  • your unique family risk factors
  • harm reduction strategies

The Coalition will receive statistical information, but nothing is ascribed to any individual person. This is a well-researched resource. We encourage Dane County residents to take advantage of this opportunity.


Dane County is taking steps forward to create healthier communities when it comes to reducing risky alcohol behavior, but we must keep moving in a healthy direction. Please feel free to contact us and join the discussion to help people make the right choices when it comes to alcohol.

Maureen Busalacchi
“We’d love to hear from you!”