County Board Approves Resolution for Gun Buyback

July 22, 2022
County Board Supervisor Alex Joers, (608) 698-6643
County Board

The County Board approved a resolution last night providing funding for a voluntary Gun Buyback Program for the Dane County Sheriff’s Office.


The resolution provides $50,000 for the program - $12,000 for staff overtime costs for the Sheriff’s Office and the Madison Police Department, and the remaining amount will be used towards the purchase of fuel and grocery gift cards, facility use fees and supplies.


The Dane County Sheriff’s Office is partnering with the Madison Police Department to hold a voluntary Gun Buyback Event, which is tentatively scheduled for August 13, 2022.


According to the resolution, Gun Buyback programs provide a safe legal means for citizens to dispose of unwanted firearms and prevent them from getting into the hands of someone who shouldn’t have them.


"Gun violence continues to take the lives of innocent people every day. We need to do what we can to get guns that may get in the hands of the wrong person out of circulation. I’m appreciative of the Sheriff’s Office and the Madison Police Department for establishing this program," said County Board Supervisor Alex Joers (District 9).