Dane County Lakes and Watershed Commission Quizzes Foster Water Knowledge

June 09, 2005
Sue Jones, Watershed Management Coordinator, 224-3764
Land & Water Resources

The Dane County Lakes and Watershed Commission is offering prizes as an incentive for residents to learn about the county’s water resources. A short, multiple-choice quiz is posted weekly on its Web site, www.danewaters.com. Each quiz tests the reader’s knowledge and awareness of county water issues, such as stormwater runoff, groundwater supply, exotic invasive species, and best practices for lawn and garden maintenance that improve lake and stream quality. “Our water resources play a major role in the economic and recreational health of the county. This is an enjoyable way for people to learn more about our waterways that provide us such a high-quality lifestyle,” said UW Emeritus Limnology Professor and Commission member John Magnuson. Participants that answer all questions correctly are eligible for a random drawing to win prizes including dinners at local restaurants, memberships and gift certificates from nurseries, landscapers and other area businesses. Visit www.danewaters.com for details. # # #