Dane County Hearings Continue Tuesday on Need for Proposed Transmission Lines

August 11, 2006
Supervisor Kyle Richmond (251-3171)
County Board

The Dane County Environment, Agriculture and Natural Resources Committee will hold a public hearing on Tuesday, August 15th at 6:30 p.m. to assess the need for high voltage transmission lines proposed by American Transmission Company(ATC). The meeting will be in the Mendota 4 room of the Exhibition Hall at the Alliant Energy Center. “These hearings are necessary to give citizens a chance to comment on the very premise of the power line proposal: That we are in danger of running out of power,” said Sup. Kyle Richmond, EANR Committee chair. “We expect a variety of perspectives.” In May, the Dane County Board voted to pursue formal intervention into ATC's application process with the Public Service Commission. The Dane County Corporation Counsel's office is now in the process of filing to become a formal party to those proceedings. “I think we need to understand whether or not conservation and other factors that could significantly change the equation are being properly considered,” said committee member Sup. Chuck Erickson. “We need to know all our options.” The County Board resolution also requested the Wisconsin Legislature to conduct an independent study of the need for any additional power lines proposed for Dane County. The study now being used to justify ATC's current application to the PSC was organized and paid for by ATC. “The County wants to have a clear and comprehensive look at energy use, now and in the future,” said committee member Sup. Duane Gau. “I don’t believe this proposal can be pushed forward without an objective study of energy use in Dane County.” Tuesday’s hearing will include short presentations by ATC representatives and those opposing the proposal before public comment is taken by the committee. For more information, call the Dane County Department of Land and Water Resources at 608-224-3730. # # #