SU 2-17-08 Travel Advisory

February 17, 2008
J. McLellan 267-2542
Emergency Management

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE 2/17/08 Issuing Department: Emergency Management For more information contact: J. McLellan, Dept. of Emergency Management 608/267-2542 Travel Advisory Reference #02/17/08-#1 Available at: Travel Advisory Dane County Sheriff David Mahoney and Dane County Emergency Management urge persons to stay off the roads today!! Dane County roads, streets and sidewalks are ice covered and hazardous. The Dane County Public Safety Communications Center is receiving reports of standing water on roadways and streets across Dane County. The combination of freezing rain and localized flooding greatly reduces the safety of travel outdoors. Rain and freezing rain has been falling in Dane County since 2:00 am this morning with the expectation that it will change to snow this afternoon. This rain has changed into a layer of ice ¼ to ½ an inch thick. If motorists cannot avoid driving, then please take the following precautions : · Check your local weather reports before leaving. · Be especially aware of ice on bridges and overpasses. · Always make sure your vehicle has plenty of gas. · Maintain a winter survival kit in your vehicle with such items as a flashlight, shovel, snow boots, extra clothing and an ice scraper. · Let someone know your travel route. In the event you do not arrive on time, law enforcement officials will know where to search for you and your vehicle. · Be aware of your location in the event you need to summon help or call 911. · Plan ahead and select your route before you leave home or business. · Give yourself plenty of travel time. · If the storm becomes too much for you, please take refuge immediately. ###