Winter Weather Precautions

February 15, 2008
J. McLellan 267-2542
Emergency Management

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE 2/15/08 Issuing Department: Emergency Management For more information contact: J. McLellan, Dept. of Emergency Management 608/267-2542 Winter Weather Reference #2/15/08-01 Available at: Winter Weather Precautions With Dane County under a Winter Storm Watch with the possibility of heavy snow on Sunday, please remember the following winter weather precautions: q Leave early and allow plenty of extra drive time. q Travel at slow speeds and well below the speed limit. q Increase safety zone distance between you and the vehicle in front of you. q Anticipate hazards and take precautionary actions. q Use extreme caution if you attempt to pass slow moving traffic –snow and slush that accumulates between the lanes may cause you to lose control. q Allow for considerable extra time and distance when stopping. q Bridges and overpasses may ice over before the rest of the road. Take additional precautions when moving over bridges and overpasses. q Give snow removal equipment plenty of room to safely operate. q Road and weather conditions may change quickly and unpredictably!! Be ready to respond accordingly. q Keep your gas tank full. If you should get stuck you will need to stay warm. Be sure to keep the area around the muffler clear when running the car when stranded. q Carry emergency supplies such as a flashlight, a cell phone and charger, flares, jumper cables, a shovel, blankets, warm clothing and appropriate footwear. Please stay alert because weather conditions mach change rapidly. Stay tuned to weather forecasts for your area AND areas you may have to travel through. ###