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Women's Issues Committee

Major Events

  • Karen Brickner Memorial Award Held annually in December or January.
  • Women’s History Month Held annually in March.
  • Take Your Daughter/Son To Work Day Held annually on the 4th Thursday in April.
  • Employee Health Fair Held annually


NameRoleOrganizationPhone / Email
No Members Reported at this Time


Name Role Location Phone / Email
Isadore Knox, Jr. Staff Office of Equal Opportunity (608) 266-4192
Michelle Woldt Clerical Support Executive Office/OEO (608) 266-4296

About the Committee

The Dane County Women’s Issues Committee (WIC) began June 6, 1980 as an informal meeting of women employees and County Board Supervisors attempting to form a support group to address work-related concerns of women in Dane County Government.

WIC was formally created by Resolution 282 on March 18, 1982. In 1994, WIC became a permanent advisory committee to the Affirmative Action Commission (currently Dane County Equal Opportunity Commission) for the purpose of addressing issues, problems, and work-related concerns of women employed by Dane County.

As such, this committee will provide a means by which employees and elected officials may have input on work-related issues effecting women and men in County government; will act as a communicative network concerning such issues; will identify and, when appropriate, promote educational and training workshops or seminars to provide information and assistance in dealing with such issues; will promote increased representation by women in all levels of County employment; respond to affirmative action and equal opportunity issues as they affect women employees; facilitate exchange of information and statistical data between the Office of Equal Opportunity and the personnel division; promote increased representation of women in all levels of employment, where under-utilization and under-representation have been identified; and, consider such issues as the Equal Opportunity Commission, County Board or County Executive may bring to the committee and report thereon.


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