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The Dane County Safety and Working Conditions Study Committee is dedicated to providing Dane County employees with a safe working environment and the ability to bring positive change to their workplace.

Safety Acheivement Award

The Dane County Safety Achievement Award is presented to one Dane County employee each year. The award consists of the following:

  • $125 awarded to the employee for the purpose of providing lunch for themselves and their co-workers
  • A certificate of recognition
  • Recognition of the employee at a meeting of the Dane County Board of Supervisors
  • Acknowledgement of the award posted on the Dane County Internet and Intranet sites


Each year, all County employees will be notified of the nomination process for the annual safety award. Notification will consist of e-mailing to all employees (with instructions to supervisors to post notices for employees who do not have access to e-mail), and posting on the Dane County Intranet. Nomination forms will be part of this mailing/posting. Nominations will be returned to the Dane County Safety Coordinator, who will forward nominations to the members of the Safety Awards Subcommittee for their review.

The Safety Awards Subcommittee meets to evaluate the nominations and select one (1) nominee. The subcommittee will recommend the nominee to the Safety Committee. In the event more than one nominee is recommended for consideration, the subcommittee will present both names to the Safety Committee. The Safety Committee will review the nomination(s) and select one (1) employee for the award, then notify the Risk Manager, County Executive and the employee and his or her department head.

Nomination Form

Nominate a Dane County Employee for the Safety Acheivement Award.

Past Winners

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