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Frequently Asked Questions about Payment Plans

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Q: Am I eligible for a payment plan?

Any defendant who has a fine or fines totaling $200 or more is eligible for a payment plan as long as he/she has a source of income. The source of income can include employment or someone else to make payments for the defendant.

Q: When do I need to set up a payment plan?

A payment plan should be set-up within ten (10) days after the date of case disposition. If some extenuating circumstances exist and the defendant is not able to set-up a payment plan within those ten (10) days, the defendant may still be eligible for a payment plan.* Contact the Clerk of Courts Office at (608) 266-4311 and ask to speak to a Collection Clerk to address this issue.

Q: What if I'm not eligible for a payment plan and still need additional time to pay

You must pay at least half of the amount due on or before the due date. Along with that payment you can ask for a 30-day extension to pay the other half. You must ask for this extension - it is not automatically given.

Q: Will I get a receipt for my payment?

If the defendant brings his/her payment into the Clerk of Court's Office he/she will receive a receipt. If the defendant mails his/her payment to the Clerk of Court's Office no receipt will be supplied unless a self-addressed stamped envelope is included with the payment requesting that a receipt be returned.

Q: What happens if I'm late with my payment?

A number of things can happen if a defendant is late (past due date) with payment of his/her court ordered obligation:

  • Up to a 2-year suspension of your driving privilege will be ordered for failure to pay. The suspension is not in lieu of payment.
    • A citation for driving with a suspended license is $186.00 in addition to 3 demerit points.
    • A $60 reinstatement fee is charged by the Department of Motor Vehicles to reinstate a suspended license after failure to pay.
  • Revocation of DNR privileges for failure to pay forfeiture for wildlife-related convictions until paid in full.
  • Referral of the past due amount will be made to a collection agency which can negatively affect a person’s credit rating.
  • A civil judgment will be entered for the past due amount which affects a person’s ability to obtain a loan. A $5.00 satisfaction fee is required to satisfy a civil judgment after the judgment amount is paid in full.
  • Civil judgments accrue 12% interest annually from the date of judgment.
  • Unpaid court obligations are certified with the State of Wisconsin Department of Revenue for tax interception.
  • An income assignment may be ordered which may cost you an additional $3.00 per paycheck if your employer is ordered to withhold your earnings in payment of the fine/forfeiture.
  • An Order to Show Cause Hearing may be scheduled by the court.

* Late applications may require a down payment.