Lake Waubesa

Lake Waubesa

General Statistics:
Lake Surface Area: 2,080 ac
Max. Depth: 34'
Historic High: 847.22' (on June 17, 2008)
Previous High: 847.05' (on June 17, 2000)
More Information (UW Center for Limnology)

Findings of Fact, Conclusions of Law and Order
Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources Document 3-SD-77-819, 1979*

The document contains information on water levels and flow that will be established and adhered to as closely as possible by reasonable and proper operation of the Babcock Park Lock and Dam. Summer is defined as the period between the first spring runoff occurring after March 1 and October 30. Water levels are given as feet above mean sea level datum.

Summer Minimum Water Level: 844.5'
Summer Maximum Water Level: 845.0'
Winter Minimum Water Level: 842.0'

Additional requirements: a minimum discharge of 50 cfs must be maintained at the Babcock Park Lock and Dam between April 1 and May 15. At all other times, a minimum discharge of at least 10 cfs shall be maintained.

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