Snowmobilers on a Dane County Trail

Information for Snowmobilers

Dane County is well known as a winter destination for Midwest snowmobilers. There are over 500 miles of snowmobile trails throughout the county that will lead you over and through picturesque hills and valleys, linking to a statewide trail network. The Snowmobile Trail System is made possible by the generosity of private landowners. The trails are only open for snowmobiling and snowmobilers are reminded to stay on marked trails at all times. Dane County Parks makes the official announcement when trails will open within the County. For trails to be open there must be at least 6 inches of snow with steady below freezing temperatures. Notification is provided by press release, 24/7 Trails Information Line (608) 242-4576 and on the Parks website: Trail Information is generally updated at 8:00 am and 5:00 pm.

Snowmobile Trail Map

The Dane County Council of Snowmobile Clubs worked with Dane County Parks to acquire GPS locations of existing snowmobile trails. The data was collected from Winter 2010-2011 through December 2011 and was used by M C Printing & Office Supplies to create the following map:

The snowmobile trail data is also available for download in zipped archive that contains a file in .gpx format, which is compatible with many different GPS software products, or can be converted to other formats.
Please note that this information is to be used for reference purposes only. Dane County does not guarantee the accuracy of the material contained herein and is not responsible for any misuse or misrepresentation of this information or its derivatives.

Other Information