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Falk supports effort to save the Hauge Log Church

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Issued By: County Executive
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Speaking at the historic Hauge Log Church in Perry, Dane County Executive Kathleen Falk today announced that she strongly supports efforts by the Town of Perry and residents from the nearby area to save the historic site and its surroundings.

Falk said: "I support and will immediately approve proposed county legislation to close a loophole that might allow an adjacent landowner of the historic Hauge Log Church to construct buildings which will detract from the beautiful natural setting and views of this historic landmark. Since 1852, this historic structure has stood as a beautiful symbol of the hard work and values of Dane County's pioneering farm families. It has provided the shelter and inspiration for much community celebration and commiseration. It is one of our most important historical buildings. Thousands of residents and visitors have worked to preserve its beauty; its natural setting is an integral part of this historic site . In my opinion, Dane County has a responsibility to help the Town of Perry and the Perry Hauge Log Church Preservation Association preserve this historic building in its natural and historical surroundings."

She continued: "Specifically, I support Ordinance Amendment #4, 2001-02, (OA 4), which requires building projects such as those proposed by the neighboring landowner to be rezoned. Under current law, if a landowner in an agricultural preservation area can claim a certain amount of farm-related income, his or her project is exempt from the normal rezoning requirements. Because of the broad definition of farm income, landowners who are not actively farming have been able to take advantage of the exemption intended to benefit farmers living and working their lands in our agricultural areas. If a landowner qualifies for this exemption, it becomes extremely difficult for a town or the county to stop or modify his or her project, even if it might have bad consequences for that community. The ordinance amendment will close this loophole. I respectfully ask that the County Board pass this ordinance amendment and that Dane County towns approve it. I will then sign it into law immediately."

"I also ask that the Board adopt additional changes to OA 4 to waive the normal rezoning fees and to reduce delays so that working farmers who need new housing for their families are not unduly burdened by this legislation," Falk concluded.

Falk made the announcement at a mid-day press conference on July 16th at the Church. She was joined by local officials, residents, and members of the Board of the Town of Perry.
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