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Sheriff’s Annual Awards Ceremony to Take Place May 2nd

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Contact: Elise Schaffer, PIO Phone: (608) 284-6142


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Throughout the year, the Dane County Sheriff’s Office recognizes both employees and citizens who have made a difference in Dane County.  The 2013 ceremony to applaud their actions will take place on Thursday, May 2nd at 1:00 pm at the Dane County Courthouse.


Fourteen citizens, one organization, and seven Sheriff’s Office staff will be honored as Sheriff David Mahoney presents the awards at the public ceremony. 


Citizen awards will be presented to:

  • Tammy Miller – Tammy, who volunteers her time to help the homeless, was instrumental in the search for a missing person.  This case subsequently evolved into the homicide investigation of Matthew Graville.
  • Lynn Michel and Todd Sailor – Lynn, a VA Hospital employee on her way home from work, and Todd, and off-duty Madison Firefighter, were both present when a man went into cardiac arrest outside the Paoli Market.  Both citizens performed life saving efforts until paramedics relieved them.
  • Phil and Ann Grant and Ken and Susan Meigs – Phil and Ann Grant, owners of the Bay 5 Diner in Mazomanie, and Ken and Susan Meigs, owners of Meigs Construction and the Vintage Liquor Store in Black Earth, joined together to support community awareness presentations provided by Dane County Sheriff’s deputies. The small business owners provided dinners at two presentations.  Presentation attendees also supported the project by bringing non-perishable food items to donate to local food banks.
  • Gregory Strampe and Jane Ross – Both employees of Midwest Veterinary Supply, sprang into action when their co-worker collapsed and stopped breathing.  Gregory first called 911 and then immediately started doing chest compressions on the man.  Jane then relieved Gregory and continued performing chest compressions until emergency responders arrived.  After being transported to a hospital for treatment, the man survived and was able to return to work several weeks later.
  • Aaron Pruefert – Aaron is the general manager of the Magnuson Hotel on Millpond Road.  He was on duty last July when a wanted thief entered the hotel and broke into the vending machines.  Aaron confronted the man and was able to keep him at the hotel until deputies could arrive.  Steven Crisman was ultimately arrested on theft charges from multiple jurisdictions.
  • Gary Ringelstetter – When deputies responded to an EMS call last July in a remote area of the Wisconsin River, Gary voluntarily and without hesitation transported a deputy and EMT in his boat to the patient.  He then transported everyone back to shore, where the patient was transported to a nearby hospital.  Without Mr. Ringelstetter’s assistance, it would have taken much longer to reach the patient, which could have tragically changed the outcome of this incident.



  • Thomas Schmock and Denise and Michael LaPacz – Thomas, Denise and Michael were all passengers on a hot air balloon ride last September.  At 2400 feet in the air, one of the passengers attempted to jump from the balloon basket.  These three citizens pulled the man back into the basket and held him down until the balloon pilot could land safely. 
  • Jail Library Group – This dedicated group of volunteers from the Madison community and the University of Wisconsin have worked for the last 20 years to establish and maintain a library for inmates within the Dane County Jail.  The volunteers provide jail inmates with access to over 40,000 books and 10,000 magazines/newspapers a year.


Life Saving Awards

·         Deputy David Lambrecht and Deputy Garth Blake – Deputy Lambrecht and Deputy Blake were instrumental in the lifesaving efforts of a Sun Prairie man who collapsed at Midwest Veterinary Supply, his place of employment.  Deputy Lambrecht was the first emergency responder to arrive on the scene and immediately took over performing CCR procedures from citizens who had first initiated life saving action.  Deputy Blake was able to relieve Deputy Lambrecht and continue CCR while EMS personnel delivered AED shocks to the patient and administered medications.  After being treated at a local hospital this man survived and returned to work.

·         Deputy Steve Day – Deputy Day was the first to arrive on the scene of an unconscious person with agonal breathing in the town of Windsor.  He immediately began performing rescue breaths, which he continued once EMS arrived.  EMS was then able to begin chest compressions and the patient was eventually stabilized at a local hospital.


Exceptional Service Awards

  • Deputy Michael Mohr and Deputy Anthony Hamilton – Deputy Mohr and Deputy Hamilton recognized the need for law enforcement to have access to rifle rated armor, which provides increased protection.  After doing extensive research on the best quality armor and carrier, they were able to negotiate a bulk order that not only provided ballistic protection to Sheriff’s Office deputies, but also included eighteen additional law enforcement agencies, resulting in a total savings to officers of approximately $60,000.  The deputies also organized the distribution of these vests to over 140 officers.


Outstanding Service Awards

  • Deputy Randy Wiessinger – For over 23 years, Deputy Randy Wiessinger has been a dedicated Dane County Sheriff’s deputy.  Deputy Wiessinger is being recognized for his long-standing leadership role in the Dane County Honor Guard, as well as the motorcycle patrol unit and traffic team.  Randy coordinates honor guards statewide and has spent the last several years serving the families of fallen officers at the National Law Enforcement memorial ceremonies in Washington, DC.  He has dedicated countless hours of his own time to organizing events including law enforcement funerals, dignitary visits and other special events.
  • Kelly Louis - Kelly has worked at the Sheriff’s Office for the last 10 years.  In her current position as a Clerk IV in the jail diversion program, Kelly has been instrumental in the program’s success.  As stated by her supervisors, her work ethic, data tracking, and decision-making are all traits that have helped make her the backbone of the jail diversion program. 


In addition to the awards announced by the Sheriff’s Office, Sgt. RJ Lurquin will be recognized by his peers for his recent acceptance of the Director’s Award for Transportation Safety given to him by the Wisconsin Department of Transportation.  Please join Sheriff David Mahoney and the staff of the Dane County Sheriff’s Office in recognizing the positive work done every day to help ensure that everyone in Dane County enjoys a safe community. 

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