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Due to Recent Rains, Dane County Declares Slow, No Wake Restriction for Crystal Lake and Part of Lake Monona

For more information contact:

Ariana Vruwink 608-283-1477


Issued By: County Executive
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                                             Slow, No Wake Orders Effective Sunrise Saturday


In the wake of recent heavy rains, Dane County is placing slow, no wake orders on Squaw Bay on Lake Monona.  The restrictions for watercraft to slow down will take effect at sunrise, Saturday, and staff from the Dane County Department of Land and Water Resources are placing buoys in the water today to mark the designated area. 


Additionally, Dane County and Columbia County are jointly issuing slow no wake orders for Crystal Lake, which sits on the border between the two counties.


Deputies from the Dane County Sheriff's Office Marine and Trail Division will be enforcing the slow no wake restrictions on area waterways this weekend.


Additional heavy rains are forecast over the next 24 hours.  Dane County is under a Flash Flood Watch until Saturday.  Lake levels will be monitored through the weekend and additional slow no wake restrictions may be considered as conditions warrant.

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