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Dane County Seeks Public Input on Carp Removal in Mud Lake

For more information contact:

Pete Jopke, Water Resources Planner, (608) 224-3733 Nathan Nye, Poynette Area Fisheries Biologist, (608) 635-8122


Issued By: Office of Lakes & Watersheds
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The Dane County Land and Water Resources Department in cooperation with the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources will host a public information meeting on plans to remove carp and restore the fishery of Mud Lake in the Town of Roxbury. The meeting will occur on Wednesday October 18th from 7:00-8:30p.m. The Roxbury Town Hall is located at 7161 Kippley Road.

Consistent with recommendations made in the 2014 Fish, Crystal and Mud Lakes Management Plan, Mud Lake will receive a rotenone treatment in the winter of 2018 to reduce common carp populations. Carp have negatively impacted the aquatic plant community which has resulted in poor water quality conditions with common blue green algal blooms. The treatment was originally planned for 2017 and was delayed while the County and DNR worked with the Lake District to ensure that water from Mud Lake would not flow into Fish Lake. 


Dane County Land and Water Resources Department and Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources Fisheries staff have been monitoring Mud Lake the past five years and plan to treat Mud Lake with rotenone in the winter of 2018. The treatment will take 2-3 days to complete.  Rotenone is a botanical pesticide that has a long history of proven effectiveness in rehabilitating shallow lakes.  Additional information on restoring the fishery and long term management will also be discussed.


For further information about the upcoming meeting, please contact Pete Jopke, Water Resources Planner, Dane County Land and Water Resources Department, 608-224-3733 or Nathan Nye Poynette Area Fisheries Biologist ,Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (608) 635-8122


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