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Dane County Formally Extending Job Offers to All On-Grounds Zoo Society Employees

For more information contact:

Ariana Vruwink 608-267-8823


Issued By: County Executive
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Beginning today, Dane County staff will be visiting facilities at the Henry Vilas Zoo, reaching out to those who work there with employment forms.


Individuals who work at the county-owned Glacier Grille, the zoo's gift shop, and the carousel are all being offered county employment. Staff will be visiting these facilities through the weekend to make sure workers know of the county's interest in hiring them. The positions will start on the county's payroll April 1st. 


Additional staff from the Society who helped in the past with zoo education and conservation programs will also be offered full time county employment, pending County Board action on Resolution 607.  That legislation allows Dane County's Henry Vilas Zoo to hire a total of nine new full time positions, the staff necessary to ensure the zoo retains its accreditation from the Association of Zoos and Aquariums.


"These individuals have been great partners of the zoo," Deputy Dane County Henry Vilas Zoo Director Joseph Darcangelo said. "For those who want to continue being a part of this zoo experience, we want to make sure they know we are very much interested in their ongoing service to our zoo and community."

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