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Falk, Hamblin, Kesterson Extend Emergency No-Wake Zone Until Further Notice on Squaw Bay on Lake Monona

For more information contact:

Sharyn Wisniewski (267-8823) or Sue Jones (267-0118)
(Contact Sue Jones for lake level statistics.)


Issued By: County Executive
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Dane County Executive Kathleen Falk, Dane County Board Chair Kevin Kesterson, and Dane County Sheriff Gary Hamblin today (8/6/01) extended the emergency slow-no-wake zone on Squaw Bay on Lake Monona until further notice. The no-wake zone extends from the Winnequah Boating Landing south to the opposite shore, and is clearly marked by slow-no-wake buoys.

County Executive Kathleen Falk said: "Water levels continued to rise on area lakes throughout the weekend, and low-lying properties along Squaw Bay are at higher risk for erosion and other property damage caused by boat wakes." Slow no-wake means the slowest speed at which a boat can move while maintaining steerage control.

County Board Chair Kevin Kesterson said: "Property owners on Lake Mendota, particularly along Middleton Beach Road and in the Town of Westport, have also reported erosion and problems with pier sections floating away as a result of the high water. We are asking boaters to allow a greater distance from shore when traveling at speeds that cause wakes. A 500-600 foot voluntary slow-no-wake zone would help property owners in those sensitive areas a lot and prevent having to close the area to any boat traffic."

The lake level on Lake Mendota has not risen to the point at which no wake zones have been put in place in the past. All three officials said that they are monitoring the lake levels closely and will institute additional no wake zones if they are necessary to protect public safety and property.

Sheriff Gary Hamblin asked boaters to be especially observant when traveling at night in the area. "For your safety and for the protection of property, please observe the no-wake zone in Squaw Bay at all times."
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