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Hubing to Continue as Zoo Director

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Topf Wells, 266-9069


Issued By: County Executive
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Dane County Executive Kathleen Falk today (2/9/01) announced that Jim Hubing will continue as Interim Director of the Zoo.

Falk said: "Jim has had extraordinary success since becoming Interim Director. He has raised funds, managed superbly on a day-to-day basis, and worked closely and well with the Zoological Society and the public. As we begin the Aviary, a big and very complex building project, it makes sense to have Jim get it off to a good start."

Falk noted that while the applicants for the Zoo Director position were qualified and experienced, none offered the right mix of aptitude for and experience in animal care, fund raising, public relations, business management, and employee supervision that the Zoo needs right now.

Falk also noted that the Zoo will re-open the search for a permanent director later this year.
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