Current Highway Projects


Starting Intersection:Story Town Road
Ending Intersection:CTH D
Dates: 8/22/2016 to Mid September, 2016
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Project Information

CTH A between Story Town Road and CTH D will be closed to all traffic while the bridge located approximately 1/2 mile east of CTH A is reconstructed.  

If you have questions please contact Greggar Petersen, Highway Engineer, at 608-266-9081 or

Information updated on 8/22/2016


Starting Intersection:STH 19
Ending Intersection:Egre Road
Dates: 4/12/2016 to Mid November, 2016
Project Information

Weekly Schedule

IMPORTANT CHANGE TO TRAFFIC: Starting May 31st, the road closure area will be increased to include the section from Stonehaven Drive to Egre Road.  The entire road closure area will now be from 1 block north of State Road 19 to Egre Road.  Only driveways that have direct access onto CTH C will be allowed to travel on this section of roadway.  Access to subdivision streets in this area will no longer be allowed from CTH C.

CTH C reconstruction is scheduled to begin April 11th and continue into late fall.  At the completion of construction there will be a new asphalt pavement, on street bike lanes, a multi-use path between STH 19 and Stonehaven Drive and better pedestrian access across STH 19. 

During construction CTH C will be closed to thru traffic but open to local traffic between Egre Road and STH 19.  The posted detour route will be on the following highways:  CTH V, CTH N, USH 18/151 and STH 19.  A map of the detour route and a detailed map of the construction zone is attached.

The construction will be broken into three main sections as described below. 

STH 19 to Whytecliff Way - Existing pavement will be milled and resurfaced and a multi-use path constructed on the east side of the roadway.  Crosswalk and signal improvements will be made at the STH 19 intersection to improve pedestrian and bike access across STH 19.  This section will be kept open to traffic for the duration of the project to allow access to the subdivision west of the CTH C and to the southernmost QBE entrance. 

Whytecliff Way to Stonehaven Drive - The road will be reconstructed and widened to a 4-lane urban section that includes the following items:  storm sewer, four 11-foot driving lanes, two 5-foot bike lanes, concrete curb & gutter and a multi-use path along the east side of the road.  Traffic will be limited to residence and business traffic needing direct access to the highway in this section.  No thru traffic will be allowed in this area.

Stonehaven Drive to Egre Road - The existing 22-foot wide pavement will be pulverized in place and a new 32-foot wide hot mix pavement will be constructed.  There will be two 11-foot driving lanes with 5-foot paved shoulders.  The Egre Road intersection will be improved by the addition of turn lanes. Traffic will be limited to residence and business traffic needing direct access to the highway in this section.  No thru traffic will be allowed in this area. . 

If you have any questions about construction please contact Greggar Petersen at (608) 266-9081.  If Greggar is not available and you need immediate assistance you can contact our main office at (608) 266-4011.

Questions related to City of Sun Prairie services should be directed to Daryl Severson, City Engineer (608) 825-1170.



Information updated on 5/24/2016


Starting Intersection:USH 18/151
Ending Intersection:STH 78
Dates: 7/13/2016 to Mid September, 2016
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Project Information

CTH's F & Z are pavement overlay projects.  The CTH Z project will also include replacing the bridge deck and reconstructing the roadway between Evergreen Road and CTH E.  The construction is scheduled to begin July 13, 2016 and be completed by September 15, 2016.

CTH Z will be closed to thru traffic between CTH E and Evergreen Road while the road and bridge are being reconstructed.  A detour route will be posted for CTH Z utilizing USH 18/151 and STH 78.  A detour map is attached.

If you have questions regarding this project please contact Greggar Petersen, Dane County Highway Engineer, at 608-266-9081 or

Information updated on 7/12/2016


CTH MN "Broadhead St"
Starting Intersection:Marsh Road
Ending Intersection:Holscher Road
Dates: 5/09/2016 to Early August, 2016
Project Information

CTH MN will be reconstructed under a joint construction agreement between Dane County and the Village of McFarland.  The construction includes watermain installation, storm sewer, an urban roadway that includes 2-11 foot driving lanes , 2-5 foot bike lanes curb and gutter and sidewalk.  Between Marsh Rd and Alben Street the bike lanes will be 4-feet and will be adjacent to 7-foot parking lanes.

If you have any questions about this project please contact the Village of McFarland Public Works office at (608) 838-7287.  

Information updated on 4/23/2016


Starting Intersection:CTH S
Ending Intersection:Bourbon Rd
Dates: Late June, 2016 to 10/13/2016
Project Information

CTH P construction is finished and the road is now open to traffic.  Please be aware the construction crews are still working along the project so drive with caution.

If you have questions regarding this project please contact Matt Rice, Dane County Highway Engineer, at 608-266-4037 or

Information updated on 10/13/2016


Starting Intersection:Meffert Rd
Ending Intersection:Woodland Dr
Dates: 7/18/2016 to Mid November, 2016
Project Information

The Village of Waunakee (in cooperation with the Town of Westport and Dane County) will be reconstructing CTH Q this summer.  The proposed improvements will extend from Meffert Rd to north of Woodland Dr.  The work will consist primarily of the following improvements throughout the project:

  • Widening the existing 2 lane portions of the roadway to match the 4 lane section at Peaceful Valley Parkway
  • Turn lane additions on Woodland Dr and improvements to the signals
  • Intersection improvements at Water Wheel Drive including a new signal
  • Stormwater management improvements throughout the corridor
  • Utility improvements at Water Wheel Drive
  • Construction of a bike path on the east side of the roadway from Woodland Drive to Water Wheel Drive
  • Installation of street lighting throughout the corridor

Work will be done in stages, which will involve several travel lane shifts throughout the projects.  Traffic control features will be employed for this and notice of pending shifts of traffic will be provided in bi-weekly project updates.

Bi-weekly project updates will be available on the Village of Waunakee website ( in the Engineering Department sections or you can contact Jim Madden, Village Construction Manager using the contact information listed below.

Village of Waunakee 608-850-8500 General Contractor
Construction Manager Jim Madden RG Huston Office 608-255-9223
   Cell 608-576-9558 Staff  
   Email Kollin Reinhardt, Project Manager 608-219-9223
    Wade Huston 608-209-6638
Village Engineer Kevin Even, PE Jim Madsen 608-209-1501
Strand Associates Office 608-251-4843    
Project Manager Kent Straus, PE    
Field Engineer, Diane Polydoris Cell 224-628-6220    



Information updated on 7/12/2016


CTH V Bridge
Starting Intersection:CTH CV "N Main St"
Ending Intersection:N Stevenson St
Dates: 7/18/2016 to Mid October, 2016
Project Information

CTH V will be closed for reconstruction of the Yahara River bridge located between Nelson Court and Stevenson Street in the Village of Deforest.  Work on this project will include bridge construction, retaining walls, grading, storm sewer, base course, asphalt pavement and concrete curb and gutter.

The road will be closed with a posted detour route on County Road I, County Road DM and USH 51.  See attached map for detour route.



Information updated on 7/06/2016

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