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This listing of all the subdivision, condominium, cemetery and transportation project plats in Dane County is offered for your convenience. We export the information from our iDoc database and it is updated daily. If there is the word (NOTE) in parentheses, it is not part of the name. Instead, it explains unusual features of that plat in a brief message to our indexers to use as they index legal descriptions. These notes may also be of benefit to those who prepare legal documents for recording.

You may use this list to make certain that your desired name for a subdivision plat or condominium has not been taken. Obviously, there can be no duplicates within the county, and it is best to avoid using a name that is very similar to another name already in use.

You may also use this list to check the correct spelling of a plat. Be certain to specify the first, second, third, etc., addition to a subdivision plat since these are actually totally different plats and separate from the original plat with that name. Example:


However, this is not true of condo addendums. Condominiums may be expanded or otherwise modified many times with addendums and they are still considered the same condominium. The legal description is always expressed as the condo unit number and condo name, never by an addendum to this condo. (We only put addendums in our database to give the volume and page.) Example:


If the word "REMOVED" is next to a plat name, do not use it as it is no longer a valid plat. However, you cannot use the same name over again, even for plats that have been removed. You must find a new plat name if you are developing a new plat for a client. This was not always the case but the law was changed to disallow duplicate names.


Download Plat Names Document Complete Plat Name Listing (Excel Document, ~300 KB)
Updated: Daily at midnight
Download Rules for Indexing Document Rules for indexing plats in Dane County (PDF Document, 19 KB)
Updated: Tuesday, September 2, 2003

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