Dane County Regional Airport Signs Up to Global Commitment on Climate Change

April 22, 2008
Sharyn Wisniewski: 608-661-6485

Today, Dane County Regional Airport (DCRA), Madison, WI, joined the global aviation industry in a Declaration on climate change that was signed by industry leaders at the Aviation & Environment Summit in Geneva, Switzerland. More than 300 of the world’s airports have also signed up to the Declaration. “It’s important to me and our citizens for our airport to be an environmental leader,” said Dane County Executive Kathleen Falk. “From the “green” design standards of our new terminal to programmed lights and even an ice chiller to help cool the facility, our airport walks the walk on environmental efficiency.” Although aviation only accounts for two percent of global carbon dioxide emissions, today’s declaration was designed to demonstrate and strengthen the industry’s commitment to introducing technological, operational and efficiency advances to reduce its impact. DCRA Airport Director Bradley Livingston, AAE said, “In supporting the declaration, our airport has reaffirmed its commitment to the environment. We will work with all players across the industry to target carbon-neutral growth as a step towards a carbon-free future for aviation.” Robert J Aaronson, Director General of the global trade association of airport executives, Airports Council International, said, “Airports around the world are already implementing energy efficient operations; this Declaration further demonstrates aviation’s coordinated efforts in tackling environmental challenges. All sectors of society, business, governments and individuals have a role to play in addressing climate change. This Declaration confirms aviation’s intention to grow and contribute to economies, in a sustainable way.” Airport Director Livingston is a member of the Board of the Directors of Airports Council International-North America, the North American affiliate of the international aviation organization. Environmental initiatives and recognition at DCRA include: · In connection with the Runway 14/32 Safety Area Improvement Project, the airport worked with 10 federal, state, and local agencies to develop an on-site mitigation plan that enhanced water resources in the area, including Cherokee Marsh (including a rare fen) and Starkweather Creek. The airport filled two miles of ditches and replanted them with native grasses and sedges. It restored the natural hydrology of the creek, improved the marsh area, cleared out invasive plant species and re-planted in native prairie and wet meadow vegetation. Re-construction of a flood plain improved storm water management and water quality. Overall the hydrology of the area improved, and fish are thriving in the creek. · Due to the proximity of Starkweather Creek, in 1996 the airport converted from ethylene glycol, to the more environmentally responsible potassium acetate runway deicer, which biodegrades naturally. · The terminal building has the following sustainable elements (partial list): o Ice storage chiller plant that generates chilling capacity during off-peak night hours to lessen utility spike demand o Programmed lighting controls and photo sensors o Use of natural daylighting with sun control/shading o Computer controlled building automation systems with indoor air quality monitoring o Resource efficient metal halide/fluorescent lighting o Carpeting, ceiling tiles and other building elements made from recycled materials o Use of regional materials – sand/gravel/block/brick/glass o Structural steel – domestically fabricated with recycled content o Durable/ease of maintenance interior finishes o Flame retardant, chlorine free, low VOC vinyl wall covering o Low water consumption plumbing fixtures o On-site construction waste recycling o Water efficient landscaping with native plants cuts down need for herbicide and water o New, LEED certified parking exit plaza building now under construction Airport Environmental Awards: · Named one of the “Top 20” of the world’s most noteworthy airports for 2008 by Passenger Terminal World, a leading trade publication, for the airport’s “environmental build program.” (January 2008) · Wisconsin Sustainability & Energy Efficiency Leadership Award (SE2) presented in recognition of DCRA’s terminal renovation and expansion project. (September 2007) · DCRA, along with three much larger airports, was named one of four airports in the nation to receive an Environmental Achievement Award from the Airports Council International – North America. (August 2007) · The Federal Aviation Administration, Great Lakes Region, presented its first Outstanding Achievement for Environmental Stewardship to DCRA for the “extraordinary measures” the airport took to protect the environment while improving the runway safety area off the end of Runway 14. (November 2006) Notes for editors: § The text of the Summit Declaration can be found: www.enviro.aero/declaration § For further information about Dane County Regional Airport’s environmental programs, please contact: Sharyn Wisniewski at (608) 661-6485 or wisniewski@msnairport.com § For further information about the global Declaration, the Aviation & Environment Summit, or what airports are doing at a global level, please contact: Haldane Dodd, Communications Manager at Airports Council International in Geneva: hdodd@aci.aero or 41 79 429 8710 § Useful resources include: www.enviro.aero | www.aci.aero/environment | www.msnairport.com § Getty Images will be taking photographs during the Declaration signing in Geneva – they will be available on www.gettyimages.com some time after 1230 GMT, Tuesday 22 April. § Airports Council International – the “voice of the world’s airports” – is the only global trade representative of airports. The 580 members operate 1647 airports in 175 countries and territories, representing 96% of the world’s airport traffic. # # #