About Dane County

In 1839, Dane County was founded and named after Nathan Dane, an American statesman who helped sculpt and colonize part of the United States. Fast forward nearly 200 years, and Dane County is now the fastest growing county in the state of Wisconsin.
Dane County is home to over 500,000 residents in more than 60 cities, villages, and towns. From lively downtowns and businesses to beautiful woodlands and gently rolling agricultural fields, we are proud to encompass communities of all shapes and sizes.
Dane County is home to world-class colleges and universities, including Madison College and the University of Wisconsin-Madison. We also have excellent schools, a beautiful landscape of lakes, rivers and parks, and some of the most productive farms in the state and nation.
Dane County Executive Joe Parisi is the chief elected leader and governs the County along with the Dane County Board of Supervisors. Other elected officials include the County Sheriff, District Attorney, County Clerk, Treasurer, Register of Deeds, County Judges and the Circuit Court Clerk.
The County offers services from A to Z—from the Dane County Regional Airport to the Henry Vilas Zoo. We can provide you with insight on how to apply for a marriage license, if you may qualify for certain human services programs, where to find the closest county park, and much more.
We are working hard to make Dane County a great place to live, work, visit, and call home! We hope you enjoy our website and find what you are looking for.

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