Dane County Grants & Loans

Dane County is proud to support our community by offering county grants and loans for art, development and economic growth. Please follow the links below for more information, eligibility and to submit an application.

Dane Arts Grants

Short Order Project Grants

Short-Order Project Grants support specific projects or programs that have a distinct budget, personnel, and timeframe spanning a relatively short duration, and are focused upon a collection of activities directly related to one another and easily defined. 

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Project Grants

Project Grants support specific projects that have a distinct budget, personnel, and timeframe that are focused upon an easily defined collection of activities, such as architecture, design, culture, film, video, folk arts, history, literary arts, performing arts, visual arts. 

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Capital Grants

Capital Grants support specific capital projects, equipment purchases or construction, to small Dane County nonprofit arts, culture, and local history organizations. 

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Community Development Grants

Commercial Revitalization RLF (CRLF)

Planning & Development offers this revolving loan fund to stimulate economic development and to provide loans for commercial revitalization. 

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Community Development Block Grant (CDBG)

Human Services offers this program to work through community-based groups on projects to strengthen communities and to expand opportunities for low-and-moderate income households throughout Dane County. 

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Land & Water Resources Grants

PARC & Ride Grant Program

The PARC & Ride Grant Program provides matching grants for designing and constructing new shared-use trails that provide a regional shared-use trail connection as identified in the 2018-2023 Dane County Parks and Open Space Plan.

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Conservation Fund Grant Program

The Conservation Fund Grant Program offers grants to non-profit organizations and local governmental units for the purchase of land or land interests identified in the Dane County Parks & Open Space Plan Dane County Parks & Open Space Plan or for lands in buffer areas immediately adjacent to parklands. 

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Urban Water Quality Grant Program

The goals of the Urban Water Quality Grant Program are to improve the quality of urban stormwater runoff entering Dane County lakes, rivers and streams, increase public awareness of urban water quality issues, and provide public education about urban stormwater quality improvement practices. 

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