Winter Flood Preparations

February 29, 2008
J. McLellan 267-2542
Emergency Management

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE 2/29/08 Issuing Department: Emergency Management For more information contact: J. McLellan, Dept. of Emergency Management 608/267-2542 Winter Flooding Reference #022908-#1 Available at: Winter Flood Preparatory Measures The National Weather Service – Milwaukee/Sullivan Office weekend forecast for Dane County includes rain, freezing rain and snow. There is a slight chance for freezing rain Saturday night. Sunday, temperatures are projected to reach 42° Fahrenheit with showers and rainfall amounts of ¼ inch. Sunday night’s prediction includes a chance of rain with snow likely. This type of freeze and thaw cycle can lead to flooding over roadways and low-lying areas and icing conditions covered by snow. Residents should be wary of these potential hazards. Dane County is prepared to support municipal governments’ response to flooding. Dane County has approximately 80,000 sandbags and a Sandbagger that can augment local flood response. Dane County Emergency Management will be monitoring the situation this weekend to assist and support with flood related issues. The onset of flood waters from this type of thaw event is not expected to be rapid, but persons should be aware of the area around their residence. Individuals are encouraged to reduce the potential for flooding by clearing storm drains and drainage areas of ice and debris ensuring water has the ability to flow through low-lying and flood prone areas. Sandbags can be used to channel water away from structures and keep debris from clogging storm drains. Individuals needing flood fighting supplies should contact their local government. Dane County Highway crews are cleaning storm drains on major highways and are patching potholes as they emerge. Kevin Connors, Director of the Dane County Department of Land and Water Resources believes there is potential for localized flooding in small tributaries due to snow and ice restrictions. People are also reminded this type of thaw and freeze cycle may cause unsafe conditions on our lakes and waterways. Residents are urged to take caution when using recreational vehicles on trails and any movement across waterways. Ice conditions will deteriorate RAPIDLY when temperatures rise above freezing. ###