Hunter’s Sight-In Concludes

November 18, 2008
Contact: Elise Schaffer, PIO Phone: (608) 284-6142 Email:
Sheriff's Office

The Dane County Sheriff’s Office has wrapped up another successfully year of the annual Hunter’s Sight-In program. From November 1st through the 14th, 791 shooters came to the Dane County Law Enforcement Training Center to prepare for the deer-hunting season. They brought with them a total of 1,052 firearms. In addition to sighting-in their guns, 385 weapons were bore sighted, 37 scopes were mounted, 24 guns were cleaned, as well as another 21 miscellaneous repairs performed by Sheriff’s Deputies. The Dane County Sheriff’s Office would like to thank all of the participants and volunteer law enforcement officers for their continued support of the annual sight-in event. We hope to see you all again next year. ###