Duties and responsibilities

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The environment & natural resources committee shall have the duty and responsibility to: (1) Act as the supervisory committee for extension, land conservation, and the lakes & watershed commission (for budget review purposes only). (2) Act as the policy oversight committee for the Dane County Parks Commission, operational programs and budget for lakes management and aquatic weed control, and the Dane County Humane Society. (3) Advise the county board on all matters relating to agriculture and the conservation of natural and environmental resources in Dane County, and confer and cooperate with any other agency interested in environmental quality and conservation. (4) (a) Provide policy direction and guide implementation of county planning efforts and organizational structure, including the county executive’s proposals on growth and development, the Dane County Land Use and Transportation Plan, and the respective roles of the regional planning commission, metropolitan planning organization and department of planning and development. (b) Facilitate regular, ongoing communication, including holding listening sessions with Dane County’s cities, villages, and towns on developments of regional impact. (c) Review current county policies, plans and ordinances related to land use and development to determine whether revisions are necessary, and work with other county board committees to develop necessary changes. (d) Recommend policy and planning initiatives to the board and the planning director. (e) Monitor state land use planning efforts and make recommendations on land use and development issues to the executive committee regarding the county’s legislative agenda. (5) Cooperate with the Dane County Board of Health, the Dane County Regional Plan Commission, the Wisconsin Department of Commerce and the department of natural resources on all matters relating to water resources and pollution control, as appropriate. (6) Assume the duties and responsibilities of the former Strategic Growth Management Committee, as defined by any county board resolutions or ordinance amendments previously adopted.

Meeting time

The EANR Committee meets the 1st and 3rd Tuesdays at 5:30 pm.

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Members: Kyle Richmond Patrick Downing Carl Chenoweth Abigail Wuest Tim Kiefer