Department of Emergency Management

Dane County Emergency Management will be upgrading the countywide outdoor warning siren control system throughout the month of March. The countywide system consists of 134 outdoor warning sirens. Part of this process will involve sounding each of the warning sirens individually, one at a time, for approximately 60-90 seconds in duration. It may be necessary to sound a siren multiple times to finalize the configuration.

If a threat of severe weather exists the upgrading will be postponed until the threat has passed. Dane County Emergency Management wants to remind the citizens of Dane County that during a real world emergency the outdoor warning sirens will be sounded for a duration of 3 minutes.

This project is part of a larger countywide system upgrade expected to be completed in April.

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Dane County Emergency Management

Knowing what to expect and the steps to take in an emergency is the key to protecting yourself and your family. Disasters can happen anytime and anyplace. When a disaster strikes you may have only a short time to respond or prepare for the consequences. An accidental release of a hazardous chemical could mean a need for sheltering-in-place or an immediate evacuation. A winter storm could confine your family to your home. A flood or tornado could cut off basic services in the community; things like gas, water, and electricity for days. The effects of a disaster can be sudden and devastating.

medical kit Preparation for disasters reduces the impacts of a disaster. Every household’s emergency preparations should include an emergency plan. The Dane County Household Emergency Plan Template provides a format and suggestions for information and procedures to include in a household-specific plan. This template should be modified to meet household-specific needs. The Guide for Household Emergency Plans, the Household Emergency Plan Template ( PDF or MS Word 2000) may be downloaded to start the planning process.

Recent Updates

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    Disaster Preparedness Registry

    The Dane County Disaster Assistance Voluntary Registry has been developed in an effort to identify individuals who cannot safely evacuate their homes in the event of a disaster. View information and the registration form at the following website:

  • Health Care Resident

    Long Term Care Emergency Preparedness

    This web resource is designed to support institutional based facilities in the long-term care industry with their evacuation planning.

  • Public-Private Partnership of Dane County

    The Public-Private Partnership of Dane County is designed to serve as a conduit between the private sector and government to promote emergency preparedness, continuity planning, and the integration of the business and non-profit communities in critical incident response and recovery.

  • School Safety Coalition

    Dane County School Safety Coalition is a collaboration of educational, safety, and emergency management professionals dedicated to making Dane County schools safe places to learn, play, teach, work and to visit.

  • Disaster Preparedness Central - Resources for Special Needs Populations

    Disaster and Preparedness Central

    Disaster Preparedness Central is an on-line library of resources with a searchable feature for planners, consumers, families, first responders, community organizations, etc. Many aspects of emergency planning for people with disabilities are listed. Formats are expressed in video, guidelines, templates, checklists, research articles, texts, and more!