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The Dane County Ordinances are available online in Adobe Acrobat format (.pdf). This allows you to download the Ordinances and view or print them exactly as they appear in their original printed form. The ordinances are ordered by title. Click on a title below to jump to the ordinances it contains.


General Provisions - Title 1

County Board of Supervisors - Title 2

Zoning - Title 2a

County Administration - Title 3

Flood Plain Regulations - Title 3a

Personnel - Title 4

Finance - Title 5

Human Services - Title 6

Public Safety and Order - Title 7

Public Works - Title 8

Health and Sanitation - Title 9

Parks, Recreational, and Cultural Affairs - Title 10

Licensing and Regulations - Title 11

Regional Airport - Title 12

Motor Vehicles - Title 13

Planning and Development - Title 14