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County Program that Helps Troubled Youth Honors First Group of Graduates

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Joshua Wescott, of the County Executive (608) 267-8823 or cell (608) 669-5606


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18 Teen Boys Back in School, Working Thanks to Dane County Focus

Dane County is graduating the first group of graduates from a new county program that works to help teenage boys who run into trouble. The county’s Focus (Faith, Opportunity, Change, Unity, and Safety) program, works to rehabilitate adolescent boys through education and behavioral treatments. It started January 22nd, 2007 and participants since then have gone on to finish school and get jobs.

Focus participants commit to follow a rigorous plan that if they stick to, allows them to avoid time in juvenile detention facilities. These proactive efforts help the boys reintegrate into their home, school, and work lives upon completion of the Focus program.

“Focus works because we’re helping young people who have stumbled along the way get back on their feet. We want these kids to succeed and Focus guides them toward a path that’ll help them do that in their adult lives,” Falk said.

Focus is a partnership between Dane County’s Department of Human Services and St. Charles Youth and Family Services. The residential care center program also works closely with the families of the boys who participate to strengthen their relationships to help ensure the adolescent has a positive outcome.

“Focus is the chance for change many of these boys need. It helps correct troubling, illegal teen behavior, it’s good for public safety and as an added benefit it saves taxpayer dollars,” Falk said.

Thursday’s Focus celebration starts at 4:30 p.m. at the Recreation Hall Building at 301 Troy Drive.

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