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County Takes Steps to Support Town of Perry and Hauge Log Church in Pending Legal Action Brought by Developer

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Issued By: County Executive
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A resolution introduced to the County Board Thursday, with the support of Dane County Executive Kathleen Falk, would allow the county to weigh in on the side of the Town of Perry in pending legal action involving the historic Hauge Log Church.

The owner of adjacent property is proposing to build a residence and accessory building close to the Hauge Log Church. The structures would impede the view of the Blue Mounds vista from the church and would be inconsistent with historic preservation of the site. The Town of Perry denied building and driveway permits for the proposed structures because they do not comply with the Town's Land Use Plan. The landowner replied by starting an action in Dane County Circuit Court challenging the Town's denial.

"The natural setting is an integral part of this historic site," said County Executive Falk. "I believe this is an action Dane County can take to help the Town of Perry and the Perry Hauge Log Church Preservation Association to preserve the building in its natural surroundings."

The resolution, submitted by Supervisor Carlton Hamre, directs the county attorney to seek permission to participate in the pending legal action as amicus curiae, or friend of the court, in support of the Town of Perry and the county Agricultural Preservation Plan.

The church, built in 1852 by Norwegian immigrants, was declared a Dane County Historical Site by the Dane County Historical Society in 1964.
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