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County Would Give Preference to Local Materials Under New Proposal: Supervisor Richmond Proposes Preference for Locally Produced Goods in County Purchasing

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Supervisor Kyle Richmond (251-3171)


Issued By: County Board Supervisors
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The Dane County government would give preference to locally produced goods in purchasing decisions under a new proposal by Supervisor Kyle Richmond.


The County currently gives preference to locally owned service providers and vendors, but not necessarily to the goods those vendors sell to the County.


“Ultimately we are spending taxpayer dollars, and we should do everything we can to keep those dollars in this community,” said Richmond. “For example, it’s one thing to contract with a locally-owned food distributor for our county facilities, but it will strengthen our local economy even more if we also make sure the food we’re buying is locally sourced.”


Ordinance Amendment 1 is strongly supported by Dane Buy Local.


“Keeping money in the community benefits all of us,” said Colin Murray, Executive Director of Dane Buy Local.  “It’s about keeping jobs here, providing a strong tax base and supporting a clean environment.”


The proposal has been introduced to the County Board and has been supported by the Environment, Agriculture and Natural Resources Committee unanimously. It will next be considered by the Personnel and Finance Committee, and will return to the full County Board for consideration in later this month.



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